Portrait Session

heart sisters jumping holiday photo session louisville ky

Okay, so it’s official….you need portraits of your tiny humans or your high school senior or all of the family (oy…) or just the two of you because really the last time you had photos was ummm (cough, cough)…at your wedding…

I get it. Completely. Now what?

It seems that nowadays everyone and their sisters best friends cousin is a photographer….still, somehow you landed on my page. You may be asking why are you different oh pink haired photographer lady?

Do you ever have those moments when you are just being yourselves with your family, and you think “this would make a beautiful photo”, but stopping to get the camera would ruin it? I want to capture those for you. I want your family portraits to look like they stepped directly out of your memory bank because I SEE you and your beautiful, messy, realness.

20111209-DSC_7505So how does this work?

Simple. Just how I like everything. No pressure. No rules (okay maybe a few little guidelines we cannot have complete anarchy right??) 

Our lives are already busy and complicated and did I mention BUSY??? I don’t want this process to cause you more stress. A photography session should be light and fun not a chore to be endured. To make this as easy as possible, I have broken it down into five basic steps.

Step 1. Decide you need to have some awesome photos of the amazing people in your life.

Step 2. Call me (502-354-3489) or email me (whatever suits you), and we will arrange your session date and time. PLEASE NOTE: I take on a maximum of 3 sessions per month and they fill up super fast in the spring and fall so it is best to get on my calendar at least 3-4 weeks in advance. I do occasionally have immediate openings so don’t be afraid to check in just in case.

Louisville Senior Session StudioStep 3.  Pay your portrait fee of $500 (includes all digital images)

Step. 4  Have the most.awesomely.fun.photo session your entire life!

Seriously it will be the best 1-2 hours you have spent with your loved ones in a long while. I don’t care if you just had a baby or your teenager is getting ready to leave the nest, family is my thang. I love all of your stages of life, and I want to be there for them.

Step. 5  About two weeks later you get a link to your beautiful photo gallery.

See? Easy, peasy!