Louisville Senior Session Studio

What is your turnaround time?

My standard portrait session turnaround time is two weeks.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. Don’t get too hung up on Pinterest trying to choose the perfect outfits for everyone because honestly the most important part of looking amazing in a portrait is the expression on your face.

Where can we go to be photographed?

I have a whole bag of tricks up my sleeve!  But seriously – being able to look at every outdoor location with a photographer’s eye ensures that your session remains unique to your personality and style, no matter where we go.

Outdoor Session locations may vary depending on weather, and In-Home Sessions infuse everyone’s personal touch into their images.  We’ll talk about both during our consult!

Can I bring my pet?

If you book an outdoor session that allows pets, and your pet is leash-trained, you sure can!  I would probably leave the iguana or llama at home, but your well-behaved pup is always welcome to tag along for the family photo.  Make sure to let me know if you decide to incorporate your pet so we can discuss further details over the phone, or during our in-person consultation.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

Anytime you want to!  Since I book a year out, you are welcome to make little ol’ me that first call after you break the news to family.  *wink*

Do you offer mini sessions?

Every so often, I do put together one of these rare promotions, so make sure you’re on the mailing list to know when they will take place, or stalk the blog where I make those types of announcements.

What can I do with my digital files?

First step: archive them!  Digital media is fleeting, and always changing and updating, so having multiple backups in the event of a lost flash drive, scratched disc, or corrupted hard drive is important, especially if you aren’t able to print your photos right away.

Do I get to see sneak peeks on Facebook?  If so, when?

Of course!  I totally get excited when you share our photos with your peeps, so be on the lookout about a week after your session takes place for a sneak peek (or two).

How many images do I get inside my gallery?

Each session will generate 35-40 final images.

Do you travel, and if so, what areas do you cover?

I do, in fact!  Included in your Session Fee is travel within Jefferson County, Oldham County, Clark County, and Bullitt County.  All travel 30 miles from 40014 requires a small travel fee, and travel beyond those original 30 miles requires a custom quote.  Contact me so we can figure out what that is.

How will I order my images?

Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery within 10-14 business days after your session takes place. From there you can choose the digital image package that you would like to purchase.  If you would like to purchase prints or specialty products those will also be available online as well.

Online Galleries will be available until a specific date, after which time an archive fee will occur, so please ensure that all online orders are placed promptly to avoid that!

How long do you archive my digital files for?

Your purchased files are archived for one full year after your session date, which is a service I provide all my clients, and is what your session fee automatically includes.  Should you ever need to replace the digital files you purchased due to loss or damage, or were intending to print your photos but are finding life too busy to sit down and make those decisions, just contact me and I will get new products to you before your archive window closes.

What if I need to reschedule?

Should the weather force us to reschedule, we will do it at my next available time slot, so no worries about that!

Should you personally need to reschedule, I ask that you do so as soon as you are aware of the conflict, but no less than three days prior to our session.  A new date and time must be chosen within 24 hours of notification in order to reuse your session fee, and this may happen one time only, unless it is an emergency.  Should I not hear from you with the new session date after those 24 hours have passed, I will consider our session cancelled, no refunds will be given, and a new session fee will be required to secure a fresh time slot.  Non-emergency second reschedule requests will be treated as a new reservation. requiring a new session fee.

What if my child is not cooperative?

As a mom to a budding pop diva, I know what that’s like.  Trust me when I say that I will do everything in my power to disperse thunderclouds, sooth tantrums, and elicit giggles from even the crankiest of children.  My easygoing personality makes me a kid-magnet so I’m pretty sure we’ll be laughing and best buddies by the time it’s over.

All else fails, I’ll take a look at what we have and will make the executive decision on whether a new session is necessary to fulfill my original image commitment.

Can I see ALL the images?

Nope.  That’s classified, so I’ll need to see your secret clearance.

But seriously – no one ever buys the photograph of the mom with one eye closed and her mouth half-open and broccoli stuck to her teeth, so I do you a favor and delete those for good during my first filtering process.  Trust me.  I’m helping you save face so you never have to worry about a meme being generated in the future.

Think of Beyonce at the Superbowl.  Exactly.  ‘nuff said.

How long are your sessions?

Each session lasts up to two hours, so we’ve got plenty of time to get an amazing variety of photos no matter what!   Newborn Sessions can last up to three hours due to baby needing time to eat, be changed, and comforted.

When will I receive my images?

Digital images will be available for immediate download after purchase and you can also add on a flash drive copy of the images for an additional fee. Prints will be shipped directly to your home approximately 5-7 days and specialty products 3-5 weeks.