Photographer | Artist | Poet | Lover of Sloths

Hello! I’m Stephanie Tanner (yep, just like from Full House, ha!) and I am so glad you are here. I love all the normal things like my family, my dogs and not running (seriously, I only run from large bears and maybe zombies) but I also LOVE sloths…like a whole freekin lot. Like Kristen Bell on that one episode of Ellen a lot. It is my dream in life to one day visit a sloth sanctuary and pet and snuggle them.

I've been photographing people in love and beautiful families for the last 8 years and its kind of an amazing way to spend my days. I have an unconventional approach as to how I get the images I do and I invite you to experience a photo session like no other.

I am based in Louisville, Kentucky, however, I am available for travel anywhere you like.